Integrated Sensors


3D Radar is ideal for monitoring both ground and air approaches to national borders. With ultra-low C SWaP and rich data output, 3D Radar offers primary sensor performance without the cost. Used on fixed autonomous towers, the radar provides range and accuracy for slewing identification sensors. Truly man-portable, radar data is a force multiplier and increases agent safety in remote or temporary missions.

  • Large, User-Configurable Field of View:
    • 120° Azimuth x 80° Elevation
  • Search Entire Volume in ~1 Hz
  • Tracks Acquired at Subsecond Speed
  • Ingest One or More Data Output Types:
    • R/VMAPS: 40 MB/s
    • Detections: 1 MB/s
    • Measurements: 1 MB/s
    • Tracks: 1 MB/s

Short Range

Wide Area Detection: Thermal Radar provides true situational awareness and continuous 360° thermal intrusion detection with a human detection coverage area of up to 200 acres. Thermal radar should be the centerpiece of any advanced physical security strategy in protecting your facility and critical assets.

Powerful Onboard Thermal Video Analytics: Thermal Radar has easy-to-use edge analytics that allow users to quickly customize the areas of interest needed to protect the most vulnerable regions of their property. Users can implement and adapt a full 360° intrusion detection strategy with just a few mouse clicks within the Thermal Radar user interface.

Flexible Alert and Monitoring Platform: Thermal Radar alarms are generated when intruders enter specified areas of interest. Intrusion alarms activate notification alerts from the VMS platform to mobile devices or security operation center (SOC) locations. After receiving an alert, monitoring personnel can remotely view the alarm recordings and instantly monitor the live video feeds from the camera systems and deploy appropriate countermeasures.

wolf pack

Passive RF

A 360° passive RF sensor capable of providing make and model information to the user by searching for control signals and video feeds from drones. Passive RF jamming is suited for stationary installations such as perimeter protection at prisons, stadiums, and military bases. Passive RF jamming can also be mounted on vehicles or sea vessels.

  • SWaO-Small, lightweight and power efficient
  • Easily integrates with other systems
  • Operational in minutes
  • Cost effective drone detection system

OTM Passive Detection and Active RF Jamming

Vehicle Mounted

OTM Passive Detection and Active RF Jamming mitigates UAVs immediately and effectively. Defensive capabilities can be triggered manually or automatically. Supports multi-band defense on these frequencies: 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz, 1.5GHz, 1.2GHz, 900MHz, & 433MHz. 1.5GHz frequency range is designed such that all major Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are disrupted.

Compact all-in-one unit:

  • 9.5Kg weight
  • Full 360 degrees azimuth
  • Frequency: 433MHz/868MHz/915MHz/2.4GHz/5.2G/5.8GHz
  • Direction Finding in 2.4GHz/5.2G/5.8GHz
  • Computation at the edge; no extra module for data processing

Extremely long detection range:

  • Up to 35Km in good conditions for FCC rated drones
  • Up to 19Km in good conditions for CE rated drones

RF Jamming Unit Specs

Defense range: Up to 3km
Defense angle range: Full 360′ (all-airspace)
Power supply: AC100-240V
Size: I20mm – 240mm – 405mm
Weight: 12Kg
Power consumption: 750W
Working temperature: -20’C-60’C
Shell protection level: IP66
2.4GHz output power: 100W
5.6GHz output power: 50W
1.6GH,, 1.20HZ, 900MHz & 433MHz output power: 30W

More Vehicle Mounted Drone Detection & Mitigation Solutions

Ruggedized direction-finding RF drone detectors for networked installations can detect control- and video signals from UAVs (drones) and controllers for a broad range of commercial and do-it-yourself (DIY) drones on the higher frequency bands and GNSS.

Omnidirectional drone detectors for networked installations are ruggedized networked RF sensor capable of detecting control- and video signals from UAVs (drones) and controllers for a broad range of commercial and do-it-yourself (DIY) drones operating in the lower frequency bands. It is especially designed for installation on military and governmental means of transportation.

Ruggedized networked Counter UAS jammers for vehicle mounting protect against drone threats by actively disrupting the control signal between the drone and its operator.

Wearable smart jammers protect dismounted soldiers, police officers, and security officers against commercially available drones used by enemy forces for reconnaissance or as weapon delivery systems.

RF Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum management is a critical aspect of optimizing the finite radio spectrum’s utilization. Effective spectrum management necessitates continuous monitoring. Companies in the industry provide a range of high-performance RF receivers and software solutions to support customers in monitoring the RF spectrum.

These solutions serve diverse sectors such as defense, homeland security, and civilian regulatory bodies, enabling them to protect and harness the potential of the RF spectrum. With a focus on spectrum dominance, interested parties can request demos or seek additional information to explore the capabilities of available solutions.

RF monitoring and geolocation systems find applications across various domains, assisting in the detection, identification, classification, management, and localization of RF signals in complex spectrum environments. By capturing and transforming RF data into actionable intelligence, organizations gain insights to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions based on real-time information.


These intuitive drone detection alarms have an internal battery, providing 7 hours of operational battery life using an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Perfect for smaller and shorter operations. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of law enforcement and security officers, while also finding utility in shorter military operations.

The second model boasts a minimum of 14 hours of operational battery life using standard external clip-on batteries. Packed with impressive performance in a small and lightweight form factor, this wearable drone detection device is designed to meet the demands of special operations forces, as well as police and security officers.

Drone Mounted

A flying RF detector capable of detecting drone controller signals to localize the drone pilot, this product is designed to identify the drone pilot, making it possible to eliminate the threat by apprehending the drone pilot.

This flying drone and drone controller detector provides the operator with information about a controller threat. Localize the pilot flying a drone, making it possible to mitigate the drone threat by apprehending the pilot and preventing both active and future threats.

With its elevated position, an improved line of sight for detecting the controller is offered. Once the controller signal is detected, the flying RF sensor follows the signal, and the drone’s camera is used to identify the threat. Simplify the process of searching for the drone pilot by providing the direction of the controller’s signal and offering a camera feed from the drone.

Counter Measures:

Medium Range Smart RF Jamming

Next-generation reactive spot jamming capabilities have the ability to selectively target specific portions of the spectrum, it enables safe and effective drone jamming at a distance with minimal power output. The collaborative jamming feature allows multiple jammers to work together, maximizing their effectiveness while minimizing collateral damage. These jammers can operate in manual or autonomous mode.

Command and Control user interface allows for situational awareness and provides scalable protection against drone threats in various sectors. Designed for both civilian and military applications, this counter measure ensures high reliability, low maintenance, and outstanding performance against commercial drones used for illicit purposes.

Medium Range 360 RF Jamming

The Medium Range 360 RF Jammer interdicts UAS swarms and other emerging threats by transmitting high-power radio frequencies (RF) in a multi-directional pattern. The RF Jammer provides up to 360 degrees of smart jamming interdiction for UAS.

Interdicts 433MHz, 868MHz – 912MHz, 2400MHz – 2500MHz (WiFi – 802.11B/802.11G, Bluetooth, GPS – L1/L2/L5, GLONASS, BeiDou – B1/B2). Defeat COTS drones operating on 2400MHz – 2485MHz and 5725MHz – 5850MHz frequency bands. The standard system was developed to be used in urban dense environments and has been tested not to directly interfere with commercial Wi-Fi or other RF signals in the same or near frequency ranges. C-UAS systems deployed in more rural or border areas will have greater effective ranges. Effective range of ±3Km – ±8Km.

Long Range Smart RF Jamming

This long range smart RF jamming device provides comprehensive coverage beyond the horizon. With its 360-degree interdiction capability, it effectively addresses consumer UASs and other targeted emitters. The system incorporates high-power transceiver units, power control units, and omni-directional antennas or antenna arrays, all powered by external DC power. It offers versatile control options through a computer interface and an API. This mobile system enables accurate detection of specific UAS signatures at extended distances, empowering tactical teams to prepare a suitable response before a threat escalates.

The system is designed for urban and battlefield environments, detects UAS frequency patterns, identifies the detected UAS and its position relative to the operator, provides range information to the UAS and its operator. This vital intelligence equips teams with crucial head-start during emergency situations, where time is of the essence.


The Spoofer soft-kills drones by uniquely using GNSS manipulation technics, thus preventing drones from both entering a protected perimeter and returning to their operator.

Simple, Universally effective, light, quick to set up, and easily integrated, The Spoofer is a unique C-UAS effector with un-matched capabilities.

The Spoofer is already operational with a leading army and has been combat-proven in a real-world conflict against real threats.



The first and only Handheld Counter UAS Technology that employs the use of Software Defined Radio (SDR) Technology. The Handheld RF Jammer can disable drones operating on seven frequency bands and is effective up to 1000 meters. The Handheld RF Jammer enables military and security forces to counter the use of consumer drones by enemy combatants. It is compact, lightweight, and deployable by ground forces personnel in mobile units, strike teams, checkpoints, forward outposts, and security response teams. The DRONEKILLER serves as a perfect gap filler and can be utilized in multiple stages of the kill chain.

Drone Killer


The Sentry is a modular multi-sensor PTZ that can be configured with our long-range visible, ZLID™, and thermal camera options. These options include our 4K/8 Megapixel 10.6-1015mm 95X zoom day/night camera, thermal imaging cameras up to 700mm, and up to 4km of ZLID™ illumination.

By combining these multiple sensors, accurate detection, recognition, and identification of potential threats can be achieved. The integration of active deterrence measures such as LRADs, spotlights, and laser dazzlers ensures that threats are not only detected but also mitigated.

The Sentry’s strengthened aluminum construction and rugged IP66 housings, with anti-corrosive coatings, enable it to withstand harsh climates, making it suitable for dependable perimeter security, mobile/marine vessels, homeland defense, and coastal protection.


The most advanced, scalable, and efficient Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) radio in the world. With an onboard Android computer, this Smart Radio was built to create powerful and secure networks anywhere.

Unite your critical systems – data, video, and voice – in real-time. The Smart Radio excels in complex RF environments. The self-forming/self-healing MANET technology enables data routing around obstacles, optimizing network performance and mobility. The more radios you utilize, the more connected you become!

Designed to withstand extreme conditions in the harshest environments, the Smart Radio is rated to the highest standards for temperature, water immersion, shock, salt fog, and security. Your communications are protected wherever your assignment takes you.

Intelligent Airspace Awareness

AirScout Sentry is an EO/IR-based system that uses AI-driven software to power optical detection, acquisition, classification, and tracking of UAS. The AI-enabled system continuously scans your airspace for UAS threats, triggering real-time alerts to operators.

AirScout Sentry uses commercial off-the-shelf cameras and deployments are tailored based on airspace coverage requirements. While AirScout Sentry can be used standalone, its open-architecture software and flexible API enable seamless integration with other sensors and systems.