The InSight Mobile Platform combines best-in-class sensor systems to provide robust detection, mitigation, communication, and command and control functionality. It incorporates a standalone mobile power source. The system allows end users to scale their needs based on mission requirements and budget, offering a quality product that can adapt to increasing budgets and changing technology (refer to Con Ops for scale options). The technologies involved are actively utilized by various governmental entities worldwide, including the US Department of Defense.

Rapid Response Platform

The Rapid Response Platform is a compact and reliable solution for speedy deployments. It offers power, connectivity, and support for various operational tasks, regardless of mission duration or remote location. This customizable security trailer accommodates advanced surveillance systems, critical communication components, and drone radar detection technology. Its lightweight, towable design allows for easy setup by one person in minutes, making it ideal for emergency incidents and commercial/industrial deployments. The platform utilizes energy-dense power systems such as lithium or AGM battery cells, solar systems, and cutting-edge fuel cell generator technology. With rugged components, it ensures reliable operation in harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

InSight Mobile Platform

The InSight Mobile Smart Tower Platform is a durable, compact, and lightweight trailer platform that provides standalone power through multiple solutions such as solar, fuel cell, and diesel generators. This rapid deployment system supports surveillance, communications, radar, and WIFI in remote off-grid areas. It can be swiftly deployed for any duration of operation. The mobile platform features a rugged reinforced polymer 7m tower capable of supporting over 450 kgs. of customized equipment, withstanding winds up to 257 km/h. The tower is equipped with low-glare, impact-resistant solar panels wrapped around its length. The removable tower and drawbar facilitate shipping and deployment. Weighing less than 630 kgs., the lightweight trailer system can be towed or transported by most vehicles, supporting various C4ISR operations.