Revolutionize field operations with ZEAL OTM’s latest innovation: Hawk Nest. This state-of-the-art remote command and control center, ingeniously housed within a shipping container, is designed to elevate situational awareness for commercial, governmental, and defense agencies on a global scale.

The Hawk Nest is a remote command and control center that has been innovatively designed and constructed from a shipping container. It provides best-in-class sensor systems, ensuring robust detection, mitigation, communication, and command and control capabilities as part of a comprehensive kitted solution. This system is highly scalable, catering to the varying needs of end-users depending on their specific mission requirements. It maintains a flexible design that allows for growth and adaptation in line with changes in budgets and technological advancements. Detailed options and configurations can be found in the provided Concept of Operations (Con Ops). The technologies incorporated in the Hawk Nest are widely utilized by numerous governmental entities across the globe, notably including the US Department of Defense.

The Hawk Nest is a state-of-the-art solution, certified to meet standard shipping container requirements, offering a seamless and cost-effective shipping experience. It encompasses all its component sensors in a single unit, significantly reducing shipping, integration, and deployment costs for the end-user. Its design is built with flexibility, allowing it to scale effectively with increasing budgets and evolving technology. The system is pre-integrated with best-in-class sensor suites suitable for a variety of mission sets, including those on land, air, and sea.

At the heart of the Hawk Nest is The HawkEye Effect C2 software suite, which expertly fuses data from various sensor sets into a unified user interface. This integration ensures compatibility with all platforms and sensor suites outlined in the Zeal OTM Con Ops, facilitating complete situational awareness. The product is proudly manufactured in the United States and comes with a range of features like leak test certification, LED lighting, and climate control through built-in HVAC and insulation.

Moreover, the Hawk Nest is designed to be self-sufficient in power, supporting up to 7000 Watts through solar, fuel cells, and diesel generators. It comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty for the first twelve months, and there are options for in-country service and support contracts extending beyond the initial warranty period.




Choose Your Platform

The Hawk Nest is part of the InSight Mobile Detection Series and offers the capability to connect with other platforms within this series. It is designed for rapid deployment and functions as a command and control center. A notable feature of the Hawk Nest is its 35ft mast, which can support up to 150 lbs. of equipment. In terms of power supply, it is well-equipped with up to 7000 Watts of standalone power, which is provided through a combination of solar panels, fuel cells, and a diesel generator. This makes it a versatile and robust solution for various operational needs.

  • Insight Mobile Detection Platform
  • USV
  • Drones
  • Tethered Drones

Choose Your Sensor Suite

You have the flexibility to select the sensor suite that best fits your mission set. If you already have a preferred sensor solution, we offer the capability to integrate your sensors into The HawkEye Effect C2 sensor fusion engine. This integration allows for a customized approach to meet your specific operational needs, ensuring that your chosen sensors work seamlessly within our advanced system.

  • EO/IR
  • Weather Sensors
  • Communications
  • Radar
  • Passive RF Detection
  • RF Jamming
  • Man-Portable Devices

Choose Your Mission

In addition to selecting sensor suites, you also have the option to customize your Hawk Nest configuration according to your specific mission parameters. This flexibility ensures that the Hawk Nest can be tailored to meet the unique requirements and challenges of your operation, providing a solution that is as versatile as it is effective.

  • Hawk Nest Server
  • HawkEye Monitoring
  • Command Center Desk
  • Secure Storages
  • Door Alarms

Hawk Nest Digital Backbone

1U rackmount server with SSDs in RAID 1 and redundant power

1U 4 bay SAN – shared storage: up to 70 TB+ of data, scalable to
your requirements

1U 52 port, managed PoE switch

2U Rackmount UPS – dedicated battery backup

Dedicated 12U server rack with space for additional equipment

3-5 year warranties available on all networking equipment